Hox, by Zalhietzli

Here are some sounds for you to enjoy.


This album HOX by Zalhietzli was recently brought to my attention. I did what I could to prepare myself to be sucked into the dronezone, posted up with some dark coffee to accompany the dark sounds. Hox did not disappoint, sometimes it even excited me to find nuances of quite interesting composition and sound usage.

Not everything within is pure drone, noise is a key component in making Hox work. The opening track takes you through quite a traditional noise piece, floating buzzes leading you here and there; the album switches gears on the second track, with dense organics and false stops to mess with your head (in the best way possible).

Tracks like “Lageri” makes one feel as if he is pressed against the side of a mountain with oppressive mechanical winds crashing upon him relentlessly. The tones build and collapse on each other until reaching a falloff, creating a sublime feeling of release and calm.

Zalhietzli’s use of sounds and composition  truly make this an enjoyable little release. The manipulation of sounds and energy is used properly to portray an environment of aggression yet resilience. The most intense track being the title track, “Hox”, however I recommend listening from track 1 all the way to the end to appreciate the full spectrum of noise construction and destruction.

Listen/purchase: Hox by Zalhietzli

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