UGLY ZOO, by Ugly Zoo

Happy Monday Morning one and all! I am sitting here sipping some coffee, having some sound waves wash over me currently! Bouncing back between some suggested releases and digging for new goodies, I find myself listening to this self titled EP by the New York punk outfit UGLY ZOO.

UGLY ZOO is a noisy group of college punkers from NY. With their EP UGLY ZOO (Which may or may not be the groups first effort, at least under the name UGLY ZOO!), the 4 piece has created a wonderful little EP scathing with energy and rawness. The instrumentation does a fantastic job of creating a nice sense of urgency so commonly found with punk styled music, being just dense enough to create a washed out hallucination smelling of sweaty shoes and cheap beer. Fantastic!

Though only 4 tracks long, UGLY ZOO is a lovely piece of energetic hardcore done in a creative way. The massive bass ( admitting I am a huge fan of punk bass) chugs through these tracks with great confidence , which only lends itself to the thrashing ambitions of the guitar and drum onslaught. Just noisy enough to be almost psychedelic, combining cavernous hollering vocals against dissonant guitar screeches, however it all falls back into that smooth groove.

This puppy is leaving me itching for a full length, at the least a 8 to 10 track project, which I can only hope for at this point! The band seems to have only the one EP available via bandcamp as well as a facebook page setup, so go show your support!

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