What Is It You Would Have Me Do?, by James Breeze

Enjoying some lovely music this morning, sipping my fresh cup of coffee, exploring the sonic goodies which have been presented to me! This is the latest single from UK artist James Breeze titled “What Is It You Would Have Me Do?”

Released April 11th, 2014, this is the latest project available via netlabel *Fwonk. This is a single release with a B-side included, free to download via bandcamp of course! I found myself fascinated with these two tracks, both being wonderfully composed electronic music pieces.

The title track of the same name is a brilliant expedition of the neo classical flirting and folding within industrial and ambient soundscapes. Lead by the brilliant instrumentation of grand piano, strings, and what might possibly be an oboe? The piece glides through melodic, albeit melancholy, phrases and passages through the first few minutes. Slowly, electronics are introduced into the composition, until around halfway through the song where we reach a turning point. At this point the song takes on a sort of ominous quality, darkness swells inward as the lighthearted rhythm of orchestration melds away into a massive industrial beat. The klaxon sounds.

The rest of the track is an anxious and dark groove. Listening to it, one feels oppressed and watched, a perfect polar opposite to the light and carefree feeling of the songs beginning. Distortions and a haunting presence of bees slowly drifts us out of the song, ending on a quite morbid note!

Lucky for us, this single included a B-side titled Vitriolic, quite a fun tune! Though mostly electronic, this piece maintains the orchestrated feeling. Instrumentation is always layered in an interesting way, galloping acid bass lines, lo-fi drums and creepy reverb soaked samples all lend to this songs vibe and charm.

Brief but delicious, “What Is It You Would Have Me Do” is a great download! Liner notes for the release mention that this is a single from the artists upcoming full-length album titled Post-Human, and I can officially say I am stoked and massively excited to take a listen! If half the tracks are as structurally and sonically interesting as these have been, it should shape up to be a fantastic album. Go ahed and enjoy these tracks for now, and be sure to follow *Fwonk for all kinds of wonderful music!

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