dusk // dawn, by Spacedtime

dusk // dawn is the latest instrumental beat project from UK producer Spacedtime, a 10-track album released the 25th of July, 2014.


This short but sweet beat tape is overflowing with lo fi blaps and grooves, something of a specialty at the hands of producer Spacedtime. He holds a talent for weaving together spastic drumming, flowing melodies and gritty samples, flowing perfectly together to create some truly pleasing beats. There is a heavy jazzy-vibe on this release, some songs are focused around wonderful riffs set to laid back hip-hop drums, but where the feeling becomes very saturated is with the introduction of melancholy yet beautiful vocal samples.

Tracks such as thisislove are near perfect compositions, pairing clicking beats with a delicate piano floating back and forth, down-pitched vocals bring it all together creating an eerie and smokey environment all around the listener. Most tracks rest at an easy pace, making this a very listenable record whether you are looking for some tunes to relax you while you work or some beats for the cypher!

Spacedtime takes some artistic liberty with this album, featuring some pretty interesting sample work and flipping. Nothing is TOO abstract, but everything sits just enough off-kilter to make this a truly unique listen. The sonic treatment of the samples and drums have a large part they play in the overall vibe of this release. Sometimes melodies or vocals are so lo-fo the sounds seem to be chewing away at the beat, raw and interesting. Other times it is buttery smooth yet still retains that gritty feeling, through a thoughtfully placed sample or swung drums.

All in all this is one pleasant release, a perfect summer album if you ask me. You can support the producer and pick up the album now via bandcamp!

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