Please enjoy this MEGAMIX of tracks from July, 2014.

Episode TEN of spreading roots marks one year of operations at Eternity Tree. ET will continue to provide new music recommendations via the blog and Spreading Roots series! Thank you everyone for your support, here is a 2+hour mix of 50 SONGS to spin that summer mood ❤

Eternity Tree is a multimedia project of Christopher Hoffmann Jacob, consisting of musical creation and curation, culture, design and art. SPREADING ROOTS began in 2013 as a blog featuring an endless list of musical recommendations, reviews, write-ups and visuals. In 2014, SPREADING ROOTS began a series of bi-monthly mixes featuring up and coming artists + producers. Good music makes the cut, genres are bent and re-defined, and wonderful energy gets a chance to present itself. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Be sure to stay in touch with ETERNITY•TREE for new mixes as well as plenty of other content.

Series Pictures by Nora G Photography

*Tracklist is too MASSIVE to write out , please visit Soundcloud for complete tracklisting and artist links!

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