Magnitude, by Faidel and Warmth

Greetings music lovers!!!

First of all, apologies for the absence, had to take a little while off listening to so much new music every day. But now back to our regularly scheduled programming. This morning I am enjoying some deep-house vibes from Etoka Records, MAGNITUDE by two awesome producers, Faidel and Warmth.


‘Magnitude’ is a brand new 8-song project created from the combined efforts of two fantastic musicians. While working together, Faidel and Warmth manage to weave a web of deep ambience and fluttering grooves thats as addicting as it is relaxing. It would seem these two have a decent synergy, seeing as my favorite two cuts from this album are tracks remixed by eachother! It would have been great to see a full length of this material ( wouldn’t be difficult gathering the material with two folks involved!), however the release is satisfying nonetheless, partially due to its beefy track lengths (nothing under 6 minutes!).

Press Release
‘Magnitude’ takes its beginnings from a collaboration of two very extraordinary producers. At first they may seem to be quite contrasting in their styles, still both driven by same music understanding and interpretation.

Therefore this project offers and extensive register of styles, ranging from house to techno, maneuvering between bright ambient lines and deep dub chords.
We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

Magnitude – Preview

Release Title: Magnitude
Artists: Faidel & Warmth
Cat #: EKAR044
Bandcamp release date: 8 Dec 2014
Beatport Release date: 22 Dec 2014

For more info visit:

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