What is happening in my ears! Something so amazing and bizarre! Must be JÓNÓ MÍ LÓ !!!


So this is one surreal and interesting album right here. Released on December 7th, we get 13 tracks to soak our feet and our faces in. UNTITLED is a sonic collage of many ideas and interpretations, spinning plunderphonics and drone together with electroacoustic melodic splendor! Beautiful flourishes dislodge me from the mundane and boring, ushering me into a sublime state of whimsy and wonder.

This album is packed full of wonderful ambience, I find its the perfect thing to throw on when I want some delicious sounds without distraction. Enjoyable from start to finish, and a nice lengthy project as well, so you can press play and walk away!

The album is available for download, or on cassette for you tape heads! Highly recommended release right here, grab it while you can!

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