Roam, by The Neffs

Feeling good this morning, got a strong cup of coffee and some jams pumped up! Currently enjoying a full length experimental garage record from Pittsburgh trio The Neffs titled Roam.


Roam is a new feature length album recorded by a trio of musically ambitious individuals, and released November 11th, 2014. Sitting at a proper length of 13 tracks, The Neffs do a fantastic job of mixing the melodic with the distressed. This album features some top-notch songwriting, which is only championed by the apparent virtuosity of the musicians involved in the project! There is a youthful brilliance to the whole album, filled with beautiful guitar playing and interesting progressions. The songs are just familiar enough to conjure nostalgic feelings, but progressive enough to feel like something new is being done each track.

A satisfying listen from start to finish, Roam is a highly recommended new album, available via bandcamp both digitally and via a Limited Edition CD. Pick either up today!

released 11 November 2014

Recorded in California, PA by Matt Poirier
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Poirier

Guitar/Vocals/Banjo/Keys – Jake Ward
Drums/Percussion/Vocals/Keys/Saxophone – Gordy Brash
Bass – Chris Trepagnier

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