Twilight Sessions volume 20, by Bing Satellites


Bing Satellites has presented us with another piece of his ever evolving “Twilight Sessions” with this volume 20. 3 tracks of blissful new age chillout, with round melodic notes leading the loops through time. Name your own price for this download, or pick up a quality CD for about 10 bucks.

Almost an hour of blissful, chilled out ambient music.

More details / alternative

The twentieth volume in the ever-expanding Twilight Sessions series, available on CD and download.

Further tales from the refurbished studio.

After too many months, I rewired my studio and connected everything together, along with a few new toys. This is the first album in many months that takes advantage of the range of synths I have on offer.

The music on this album is completely improvised.
I press record and play notes into a long, slowly decaying loop and see where the music takes me.


released January 6, 2017

All music written, performed and produced by Bing Satellites at MCos, Manchester, August 2016

Design and cover photography by Bing Satellites

Cover photograph: Sunrise over Greenland, December 2016.

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