Indigenous Mix 2, by SAD MAN


After seriously enjoying SAD MANs release last month – UNTITLED ALBUM – I was very much looking forward to this smaller drop that was scheduled on his bandcamp to release June 3rd. What we’ve received is a beautiful 9-track “remix” project in which SAD MAN dives back into some select songs from his latest LP, revisiting the themes to provide entirely new interpretations!

As with his previous release, the songs dwell in the realm of true sonic exploration – where I felt his work was of a deconstructed nature, the vibe is even more potent on this latest project. The sounds more than ever appear to have been sliced out of the air, jumbled around on the floor, and crafted back together into some kind of mosaic masterpiece.

Lots of very satisfying sounds in here as well. I have found myself being lulled into a state of trust and relaxation, with wooden percussion rolling around me and buzzing squelching synths flying past my ears. This time around the Jazz vibes are bigger too – especially with tracks like “Ceep” which features some tender piano noodlings, or “Dog” which feels like an experimental open jazz session led by a slick pocket drummer on the kit.

Another highly recommended listen – digital edition is currently available for download via the artists Bandcamp page and is Pay what you Want! So don’t wait and grab yours today…

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