Fresh Batch – July 8th, 2019


Another happy Monday to everyone out there, poking around the internet searching for that nugget of sonic goodness. Well we are here to present you with another roundup of recently released tunes from the underground – as always spanning many subgenres and communities from all over the world. The energy this summer is buzzing through the atmosphere as creativity flourishes all around us… Lets take a trip into the minds of some artists and explore the worlds they create!


July 12th – Hikikomori, by ASVMR (Webelotrax) Experimental Electronic
July 12th – Fuck Lungs ‘2TH’ (Already Dead Tapes) Experimental Jazz
July 19th – Backwater Revisited, by Halftribe (Dronarivm) Electroacoustic
August 1st – Forest Thoughts, by OVOD (Self Released) Dark Ambient


Hysterical Air, by Dino Felipe & Vitamin Wig C
Released by Illuminated Paths
Lofi / Weirdwave / Fun

Pink Secrets, by Twin Galaxxies
Released by Business Casual
Chillwave / Future Funk / Vaporwave

Best Lemon Torpedo, by Two Pixels Above
Released by Subject Lost
Techno / Abstract / Atmospheric

Chroma Advanced, by Omega
Released by Polyrhythmium
Drone / Tape Loops / Atmospheric

Yoga Drizzle, by Lunar Cambridge
Released by Webelotrax
Synthwave / Vacation / Post-Vaporwave

P S I L 0 STORE, by 미확인동물ologist
Released by BOGUS // Collective
Mallsoft / Vaporwave / Late Night

ʟɪᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ, by jodövade
Released by Holloway Tapes
Post-Vapor / Lofi / Beats

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