SLIME?COMP. by Vacuum Noise Records


Dropped like a bowl of pudding at the fridge in the middle of the night – SLIME?COMP is the latest compilation construction from Vacuum Noise Records (masterminds behind ANYWAVE and much more). Mystery and anticipation swirled around this project for weeks, from the bizarre call for SLIMEPUNK submissions that raised eyebrows, to the shift towards slimeWAVE which raised more than eyebrows! Er, anyways I am probably a bit biased towards these compilations as I have contributed to both, but I really enjoy them both thoroughly. The sounds themselves are quite experimental of course, with such a nebulous slimy criteria who could expect anything else – resulting in a really interesting tracklist this time around – and a satisfying one at that.

Some personal favorites include tracks by doctorb, V ▲ P Y D, b l u e s c r e e n and Reversed Reference, but there is a plethora of jams here to enjoy. Oh and you’d already have this album in your library by now if you subscribed to VNR4LYF

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