Lion Cuts, by CDX


Impressive in scale and bold in execution, Lion Cuts is the latest full-length by multifaceted producer Tim Thornton (CDX, Tiger Village), brought to us by Doom Trip Records out of LA. Tight and diverse, like an expertly curated charcuterie platter, and it’s equally delicious!

CDX reaches into the massive pool of electronic history, swirling it around and emerging with an inspired and unique collection of tracks. At any moment you could pinpoint genres being mashed and merged – acid bass churning over chillhop beats, all mingling with massive synthwave atmospheres. Have no fear of over-complexity or pretentious un-listenability – Lion Cuts manages to be pleasantly easy to digest from start to finish. Even as CDX peppers in dissonance and experiments in structure and noise, it all serves to a larger experience of bubbly energy and sonic excitement.

Twenty Two II is one of my favorites, easily getting stuck in my head for hours at a time. Rose Gold Relationship Goals is another that really stays with me, the groove is so satisfying I want to hit repeat and keep the party going.

The record is available via Doom Trip Records digitally and on Cassette (Limit to 100 copies).


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