Oscar Pray For Oscar The Dog, by Snekhoose

Released this past December via the wonderful Wormhole World Records – Oscar Pray For Oscar The Dog is a stellar collaborative experiment between Jonah Hebron (aka Mzungu, Cacero Lazo) and Rupert Spurrier. Coined as a blend of Folk and Drone, the duo plunges into weightless suspension with lush and luxurious soundscapes. Blending acoustic and electronic instruments, successfully blurring the boarders of both vibrations into something distinctly satisfying.

It’s worth mentioning this collaboration took place digitally across the globe, with producers living in different cities, trading files and ideas to build the sonic landscapes. I am always fascinated with these types of collaborations – this one specifically, with its patchwork meandering style, presents itself almost as a live-jam between the two artists, something that could easily be performed on the same stage, yet is being constructed over vast amounts of time and space.

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