Tomorrow Entertainment Records

Tomorrow Entertainment Records is a label with a catalog as satisfying as it is unique. Embracing a multi-genre umbrella approach, they have helped release music from a wide range of genres, created by producers all over the world!

With a primarily digital catalog that is often-if-not-always on sale, there is no excuse NOT to dive into their world, which is exactly what we are about to do….

We are very sorry to announce that Tomorrow Entertainment Records has received a DCMA takedown, resulting in the disappearance if the entire catalog on Bandcamp. 
Depending on what TER does moving forward, we will make adjustments to the article and links!


Label : Tomorrow Entertainment Records
Location : Munich, Germany
Years Active : September 2018-PRESENT
Focus : Experimental Vaporwave, Post-Vaporwave, Chill Beats
Links : Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Music For Individual Listening

“Mission Statement” from bandcamp


On the surface, Tomorrow Entertainment Records can be seen as an experimental vapor sound label – and while it is not incorrect to assume this, exploring the variety of their releases reveals a much deeper appreciation of the Avant-Garde.

The catalog is clearly curated with a careful ear – whether its showcasing chillhop sounds, classic vaporwave extrapolations, or toying with experimental and harsh tones – each release succeeds in being both a representation of the labels ideals as well as a microcosm of the artists intention.

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As time has passed, we can see TER taking more risks with different sounds – while remaining true to original intentions. It’s always refreshing seeing labels that are more open than they are closed, and TER seems to have always operated with a very doors-open policy regarding new artists, talent and submissions. Even if they host some quite contemporary albums from the likes of Vague Reference and creative_reality17, they won’t shy away from truly experimental projects like KID MANIA‘s manic sound collages or the minimal techno styles of Ghost Called Misery‘s Quartz Site .

Some of the most memorable moments from the catalog for me come from these bold moments where artists are given full reign to explore and express. Albums like House of TapesTwinkle Flowers, thick and robust with creative energy – or the M.A.S.S. selections du force of musique concrete sound art creations which represent the nearly boundary-less sonic extremities that can be featured on the label genre-wise.

“INTERWEB CAFE” – a re-release of the Labels very first drop, marking their first Physical Release!

As of the publishing of this article, Tomorrow Entertainment Records hosts a whopping 90+ albums on their Bandcamp page, most of which can be downloaded for free with optional donation. You can subscribe to their Club on Bandcamp to support further, and definitely keep an eye on things to come as the label pivots towards Physical Releases, as we saw their first Cassette drop last December and promptly sell out!

Within their catalog, you’ll find releases from some artists we have covered on the blog before as well as personal favorites such as gengVr, Liu Wei, V@PYD and VCRNOT – but with nearly 100 albums to choose from, where do you begin?! We did our best selecting a few albums that really stand out – this will hopefully give you a good idea where to start…

Catalog Highlights

Self Titled, by koala boy

One of the labels earliest releases – showcasing interesting and experimental sounds right away, this album is probably the best place to start if you want to get a feel for what TER is all about. Relaxed triphop chillout beats, abstract and unique sampling taking queues from vaporwave, and all around experimental production with a unique approach to melodies, filters and structure. Lofi and Delicious.

Babel™: Exceeding Human Limits, by けさイーズ kesaizu

Energetic Mallsoft exploration with flavors of dystopia, nostalgia and even more lo-fi deliciousness. Post-Vaporwave, Vaporfunk, Futuresounds, a thousand genres could probably be assigned to this one and rightfully so! Ripe with downtempo grooves alongside incredibly thick environments – you’ll find yourself head-bopping as much as you float with this one.

I-95, by I-95 Exit-98 Santee, South Carolina USA

One of, if not my Favorite release from TER’s catalog – I-95 is a lush and fuzzy lofi roadtrip with incredible personality and intimacy. No surprise of course I-95 is a moniker of DMT Tapes Vito who has a slew of projects, aliases and releases to his name – it features some of his stylistic signatures such as light yet tasteful distortion and a wonderful ear for nostalgic melodies.

Musica pequeña para animales tristes, by Mav Nuhels

A delicate and playful little release that should NOT be overlooked. Bubbly and charming production, abstract vocal sampling, and a terribly unique aesthetic make this one quite memorable. Thoughtful and diverse compositions with a clever arsenal of sounds…

Two Days, by Hiyori Sato & Moro Sato

Two Days is a masterclass in lofi chillhop. Lightyears beyond anything you could find in a Beats For Studying playlist, the Sato’s flex classic beatmaking chops that are steeped in nostalgia like a potent tea. The sounds are mature and thoughtful, overwhelmingly featuring piano and jazz riffs, showcasing the slightest nod towards vaporwave with some samples that are heavily slowed down

効率的な休息のための家 by Puderpolli

Blissed out and vapor-drenched plunderphonics, spiraling into abstract and obtuse ambience. Immensely satisfying on a textural level and blessed with infinite replay-ability. A perfect storm of lofi dystopian outsider sounds, drenched in nostalgic reverberation and bathed in a warm haze.

𝖋𝖚𝖙𝖚𝖗𝖊おしゃれな𝖈𝖎𝖙𝖞, by 𝙡𝙤𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙗𝙖𝙩

Futurefunk/Vaporfunk with some big energy! Positivity! Uplifting vapor vibes! Soaring retro melodies! Its a short yet massive release – also notable is the radical inclusion of an absolute mess of free Download codes – proving again that TER is more interesting in getting music in peoples ears than fishing through their wallets.


When I saw KID MANIA was going to be releasing an album through TER I got very excited! I am a huge fan of KM’s sound-collage style – a very captivating and refreshing perspective on plunderphonics and post-vaporwave. Often incorporating oddities, flavors of dystopian horror and unsettling sound design, KID MANIA presents one of their best works here – being simultaneously ambitiously abstract and agreeably listenable.

A Word With Management

ET: Thank you for sitting down with us! If you could please, tell us your name and where you are from?

L: My Name is Lorenz and i am from Munich , Germany

ET: What inspired you to create Tomorrow Entertainment Records?

L: I wanted to create a space that brings up unknown artists and supports underground artists. i am a strong believer of "no-genre" so basically that's also my motto. Everything is welcome as long as its done good and has quality. I have a big soft spot for those who create music and art in an anti-trendy way. People who follow their own vision regardless the current trends or hypes. ...those are the ones i wanna release and present to a bigger audience.

ET: What does the future hold for the Label? What can listeners expect in 2021!

L: Of course some very special releases. Up to new horizons!!!

ET: Very mysterious and interesting – looking forward to hearing what is inbound! Do you create music yourself? What are your passions outside of operating the Label?

L: Yes i do create music myself, since my youth days i am non-stop active in various bands. It all began with Punk.....and now here we are. I am participating in various projects but you should definitely check out OEFN and Sendai Tennis - besides that, outdoors give me peace.

ET: Is there anything you’d like to tell the readers?

L: Take your time to listen to music. Take your time to dive into an artists world. It's so much more fulfilling then doomscrolling through bad playlists! And : go offline 😉

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