Boi Borzoi – Self Titled

Beautiful experimental electronics from Finnish producer Boi Borzoi. Utilizing a unique multi-genre approach, Boi Borzoi manages to fuse together concepts from Modern Classical, Jazz and Post-Rock into something that is both familiar yet entirely fresh.

My interest was captured almost instantly by this album from the moment I pressed play. There is a massive cinematic quality to this project which bleeds throughout the production. The opening track Forecast is actually a perfect mission statement for the album – utilizing electro-acoustic instruments to craft an ethereal introduction, with piano trickling delicately around thick guitar and synth textures.

Atmospheric Entry is pretty much the sonic equivalent of floating down a cosmic stream on a raft, laying on your back as the stars pass slowly above you. Sweet and delicate keys dance around lethargically until the flow picks up pace towards a happy and hopeful realization. Boi‘s use of electronic and acoustic instruments in the composition process becomes more and more impressive as the tracks play out – serving much more than a mere quirk or random patch selection. By the time we reach the Blue Dunes, the production has swerved to flavors of hazy lounge, atmosphere thick with jazz vibes as the saxophone takes center stage.

Tracks like Odd Oasis and Lullaby lean heavily into the ambient zone while maintaining a thoughtful and cinematic style. The whole album is impressively emotional and expressive on a very human level, which I can credit to the generous yet tasteful use of guitars and piano. The sounds would not be out of place in a David Lynch film or as a JRPG soundtrack. By the time we have reached the outro piece Launch, Boi has enlisted the help of a full band, resulting a truly epic post-rock expedition.

If you’re looking for relaxing listen that is a bit more complex and engaging than traditional ambient music, I highly recommend Boi Borzoi‘s self titled album! The 7 tracks feel like a full-length album, so it’s definitely worth the 2-3$ download. Please support this artist so we can get some more magic sounds in the future….

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