Beyond the Starbox [Deluxe Edition], by Jake Stevenson

Dreamy dissonance and celestial chimes from this stellar re-release by Jake Stevenson presented by Legendary Entertainment.

Beyond the Starbox is a intriguing and satisfying little album that captures fuzzy feelings of nostalgia with a healthy spoonful of existential dread. Lathered and rinsed in retro video game vibes, I often felt like I was exploring some polygonal landscape before clipping into a bizarre hidden zone. The comforting yet haunting aura of drifting pianos and hazy distorted synthesizers evokes some pretty potent emotions, packing a whole lot of emotion into the gently dissonant soundscapes.

The second half of the project is a full-album remix by Second Sight – offering yet another angle to view this bizarre world. Quite a unique concept which definitely adds to the charm and playability of this album.

The project is officially available on Cassette now as well as digital editions via Bandcamp.

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