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Eternity Tree music recommendation blog run by Christopher Hoffmann Jacob. (Ohsaurus, Webelotrax, ex. Grappa Frisbee Records)

ET provides unique underground music highlights! We like to focus on energy rather than genres, seeking out pure forms of expression and creativity.

Eternity Tree encourages artistic submissions of any kind.

Do you have some music that needs a home? Submissions are open at our newly founded imprint Webelotrax!

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for Submission!

  • BANDCAMP links are our preferred submission method. Because of their cost-free hosting, we have found minimal link-drop from bandcamp embeds. Bandcamp also has the best track record of paying out/supporting artists opposed to competitors and streaming platforms.

  • Download Codes are NOT required, but encouraged for several reasons! If recieved, Eternity Tree will post a blurb of our review to your Bandcamp page. Downloads will also make it easier for us to include tracks in our SPREADING ROOTS mix series – providing another opportunity to get your music heard! Again we stress this is NOT necessary, and often we proceed with purchasing the album regardless.

  • A submission does not guarantee a review, quick pick or fresh batch placement. We only share music we enjoy with no strings attached – that means no paid placements.

  • In addition to the form below, you can reach us more directly via our closely monitored Twitter account.

  • Eternity Tree is a pro-LGBTQ+ BLM operation – we strive to both provide coverage representing the diverse spectrum of experimental underground music – as well as actively operating against hateful speech, mindset and creativity. That being said, as we do our best, we invite you to join the conversation – if you see a project we have shared that is potentially harmful, triggering, or created by a potential aggressor – please contact us ASAP via the below form or direct post comment with your concerns so we can adjust with haste! In addition, we make our best effort to address all artists and creators with their desired pronouns for identification within our writing – in the event that we have mistaken or mislabeled in any event, please bring it to our attention so we can make the appropriate adjustments. Eternity Tree has a zero-tolerance policy for both racism and sexism, and recognize our part and power in stripping it from the music industry.

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