One Day We’ll All Walk Outside And Stare Up At The Blameless Sky And Wait For Something To Happen, by LOST TRAIL

Good morning music fans! I am sitting here this calm Monday morning, treating myself to the latest offering from drone-duo LOST TRAIL of North Carolina.


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Roam, by The Neffs

Feeling good this morning, got a strong cup of coffee and some jams pumped up! Currently enjoying a full length experimental garage record from Pittsburgh trio The Neffs titled Roam.


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Music In The Garden, by Magic Arrows

Lazy Sunday morning, sitting back with my cup of coffee, currently browsing through the Illuminated Paths bandcamp. Taking a brief look this morning at Music In The Garden BONUS CD-R by Magic Arrows.


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Sherburne County Instrumentals, by Marcus Eads

Made my coffee a little bit weak this morning by accident , so I am sitting back nice and easy, breezing to the sounds of Marcus Eads newest project, Sherburne County Instrumentals…


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What is happening in my ears! Something so amazing and bizarre! Must be JÓNÓ MÍ LÓ !!!


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Magnitude, by Faidel and Warmth

Greetings music lovers!!!

First of all, apologies for the absence, had to take a little while off listening to so much new music every day. But now back to our regularly scheduled programming. This morning I am enjoying some deep-house vibes from Etoka Records, MAGNITUDE by two awesome producers, Faidel and Warmth.


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Kind Forest EP, by Alexia Avina

Sipping some coffee this monday morning, having some wonderfully peaceful music swim around my head courtesy of Alexia Avina and her debut EP, Kind Forest.



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dusk // dawn, by Spacedtime

dusk // dawn is the latest instrumental beat project from UK producer Spacedtime, a 10-track album released the 25th of July, 2014.


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Controversial, by Luxury Elite

Treating myself to some quick goodies this morning, Controversial, the 3-track EP from Luxury Elite available via TAR


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Our Season, by Lost Trail/Plains Druid

Good morning internet fiends and music lovers! Today I have some lovely sounds cascading towards me and my steaming cup of coffee; the latest split cassette release from Little League Records, OUR SEASON by Lost Trail and Plains Druid.

Lost Trail - Plains Druid - Our Season - cover

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