Author & Punisher – Krüller (2022 Relapse Records)

Artist: Author & Punisher

Album: Krüller (2022)

Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Industrial Metal / Darksynth

Tristan Shone is the one-man bandleader and mastermind behind the industrial darksynth project Author & Punisher. Shone performs his music using a unique collection of hand-built electronic synthesizers and sound machines and has been doing so in earnest for the better part of the last decade.

With 2018’s ‘Beastland,’ Shone found a new audience by shifting to the roster of Relapse Records, a label better known for forward-thinking death metal than doom electronics. With his mind-blowing new album ‘Krüller’, Shone has achieved a clarity and purpose of sound previously unheard in his other work. Of particular note are collaborators Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey, better known as the rhythm section of alternative metal stalwarts Tool, who show up sporadically to fill in some of the low end of Shone’s electronics.

The music reveals shades of late 90’s industrial acts like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, and Type O Negative, especially in the aggressive vocals and lush layers of metallic distortion, yet ‘Krüller’ remains an absolutely singular listening experience. Shone’s songwriting chops are on display here as well – no longer content with half-finished sound collages or drones, Shone instead focuses on a more streamlined compositional style that benefits the flow of the album as a whole.

This one’s definitely one of the stronger releases of 2022 so far and a easy recommendation for fans of industrial music, alternative metal, or darkwave electronic music. 

Thomas Jacob Jr is a Producer, Composer, Singer-Songwriter, Music Educator and Digital Artist currently based in Arizona – Bringing us rare and interesting selections from his extensive Vinyl collection! For more content follow his vinyl-dedicated Instagram account


Beautiful experimental electronics from MOONSPOTTER – hopping between experimental ambience, trip hop, spoken word and downtempo electronics. I will need someone to swoop in with some translation expertise, but there is a heavy emotion vibe seated around these tracks – washed out guitars soar and glide around subtle percussion, sealing the atmosphere in a rich and lavish cocoon. There is something deeply satisfying about these tracks that I cannot explain, but I needed to share, so here you are…..


Blissful plunderphonics and vapor wanderings from VYLTER brought to us by I’ve really been enjoying this labels output and this release is no exception – a tight and satisfying 4-track EP with tasty riffs and thick atmospheres. Any Change is a true jam, making the whole project worthy of repeat listens – and the track lengths are beefy enough to leave an impression without overstaying their welcome. Nice sounds for reflection or slow travel…

Networks, by VCRNOT


Had to share this one ASAP because it was just so0o good. Dropped this past week via Tomorrow Entertainment Records – its the 6-track project Networks by VCRNOT.

This beautiful little release has been on repeat for me this afternoon. Big chill vibes, addicting melodies, a perfect blend of surreal energy and blissful relaxation. Each track being a microcosm – each with their own landscapes, their own rolling hills and towns to explore…

“Inner World” and “Utopia Glitch” are favorites of mine. I get massive feelings of wandering a mysterious new world – waking up in a familiar place that is at the same time strange and new! Like some kind of nostalgia lost to amnesia that I am being gifted back, triggered by the sounds.

Be sure to follow VCRNOT all over the interwebs, as well as Tomorrow Entertainment Records for a great catalog of music.



Far Away Music, by Benjamin Louis Brody


Far Away Music is an contemporary classical/ambient music project by composer and producer Benjamin Lous Brody, and is his first appearance on UK’s Preserved Sound Label.

The album itself is very subtle; built around churning strings and cavernous tones. The arrangements are dense, yet leave something for the imagination to fill in, resulting in a very rewarding listen. The general feeling seems to balance on the line of melancholy and awe, with the orchestra painting a vast and inspiring landscape around the listener.

Good For:

  • Study Sessions
  • Late Night Chill
  • Meditation

Favorite Track: 2. Floating into Infinity




Here is a quick weird one from THE LAST FUNFAIR records, a vaporwave label from So-Cal. ONNIE is a project by producer SEOUL which is a heavy combination of mallsoft and vaporwave. Though quite melodic and at some times quite catchy, SEOUL does a great job washing the sounds into a sonic blur. It’s dense, at times abrasively so, but it definitely works towards its advantage. At a cool 4-tracks it is not overwhelming either, encouraging me to enjoy multiple play-throughs actually! You can stream/download the project now via bandcamp.

Favorite Track: 2. FREE STREAM 620

Cosmos, by SoulSonic


SoulSonic has created for us a pure beautiful hybrid album of dub techno ambience. Each track has a unique flavor ranging from chilled out drum-driven grooves to longform sonic swells. A pleasure from start to finish, I cannot recommend this record enough…

released 30 June 2015

Faith, by Colin Blake

Slow moving and dense, this new release from weareallghosts is some amazing sci-fi ambience.

Offerings (2008​-​2015), by All These Fingers

In case you have not been keeping up with beatmaker All These Fingers, or perhaps you are new to the name entirely, he has recently released a massive collection of over 50+ tunes the man has made over the past 7 years. For those unfamiliar with his catalog this will serve as a fantastic introduction, and for the fans it is a mastermix of the best so throw it in the car or ipod!

Newport Pleasure!, by Public Spreads the News

Electrogrooves from another dimension bubbling deep beneath you…

Favorite Track : 13. Jaguar