Foggy Nights, by Tabi

From the Inner Ocean Records Lofi Snack Series comes this lovely little EP by beatmaker Tabi Foggy Nights.

The 3-track bedroom beat project is a groovy little package – dusty beats laced with sweet, melancholy emotion. A little bit worn and crackly like all good chillhop is, these tunes will be at home in any number of “Late Night Study” playlists, and that’s a good thing! I have a personal affinity for little guitar riffs like the ones used in the title track Foggy Nights, lingering in my head for days after listening.

Of course the small EP leaves us wanting more – I have personally given these three tracks over a dozen plays each, simply because the project is so replay-able. Though this is Tabi‘s first release on Inner Ocean, let’s hope we get more from this mellow producer. I personally would not mind a thick beat-tape of these songs, maybe even a cassette drop!

You can pick up the EP today from Inner Ocean’s Bandcamp Page – with a $60 Dollar Subscription getting you all the Lofi Snack Series as they drop along with the rest of their amazing catalog and other sweet perks!

Good Morning Miss Fox, by All Things Flow

Beautifully mellow Chill-hop and Ambient from Saigon Trio All Things Flow – Good Morning Miss Fox is a compact 5-track project with big moods and emotion. Displaying quite a nice variety of style and approach, the songs float in-between relaxed beats and delicate, thoughtful guitar/synth noodlings. All of it is painted with a soft yet vibrant palette, bringing about those feelings of warm nostalgia. This is some highly recommended morning music, perfect with a cup of tea and a hazy sky…

Perspectives, by Laffey

Lovely chill-hop beats for your mellow morning from producer Laffey. Brought to us by Inner Ocean Records – this 5 track EP smacks softly with delicious beats and intoxicating melodies. Some beautiful guitar and piano work here, lots of subtle treats to make you smile. Flow has got to be my favorite track for this reason – it’s got a perfect beat, peppered with sublime reversed guitar riffs, all sitting on top of the most mellow keys possible. Perfect listen for slow mornings or rainy nights…

Gardenia, by SUNFLOWER


Subtle slaps and satisfying claps – premium chilled out beatstrumentals wait for you inside this little unassuming release from producer SUNFLOWER. These 5 tracks demonstrate finesse with chops and drums, flourishing and swinging in all the right ways. With a touch of boom-bap and jazzhop flavors, this one is destined to be on repeat for a while…

FRESH BATCH – June 3rd 2019


Introducing a new column format on EternityTree – FRESH BATCHES!

The amount of new music being released at any given time can be overwhelming – but we are here to help out! Our Fresh Batches posts will highlight brand new music from a wide variety of genres – helping you cull through the noise to find true sonic gems!

This column will also serve as a place to report general news from the scene – from open calls for compilations to events and more (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This Batch features a hearty helping of Chillwave/Ambient as well as some other oddities, a lot of fantastic stuff that has been blasting out of the speakers this past week. Also an unintended nature theme, possibly influenced by the spring thawing its way into summer. Enjoy this specially selected collection, sit back and enjoy the ride…

Two Days – by Hiyori Sato & Moro Sato
Released by Tomorrow Entertainment Records
Chillhop / Lofi / Nostalgia

Timeless Entity (Self Titled)
Released By Bogus Collective
Experimental / Vaporwave / Naturewave

In Pursuit Of The Origin [Void_060] – by Void Opening
Released by Pastel Voids
Harsh Noise / Industrial / Electronic

Citylights LP – by Balmy
Self Released
UK Garage / Electronic / Ambient

Released by CHO OYU Records
Ambient Beats / Lofi / Naturewave

End of Sadness – by Mitei Narico
Released by Engram Recordings
Noise / Soundscape / Dark Ambient

Lake Monger – by Jack Burton
Released by Analogue Attic Recordings
Electronic / Analogue / Ambient

Yowling Seers – by Sparkling Wide Pressure
Released by Lillerne Tapes
Experimental / Plunderphonics / Vocal Abstraction

A C A D E M Y – by Hallmark ’87
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Outsider Ambient / Vaporwave / Mallsoft


Lofi January from Hanimo

Very excited for upcoming tunes from German producer Hanimo – he has given us a Beta Preview via Soundcloud

Reminiscence, by Handbook


This May we are blessed by a fresh EP of beats from UK Producer Handbookreleased by Frances Cascade Records on May 4th 2018. The project features 7 chilled-out beats with a splash of vocal features for flavor.

In typical Handbook fashion, there is a patience to the instrumentals, demonstrating careful consideration for sonic layout. The percussion floats around the realm of boom-bap to chillhop, tracks like Mango swing so smoothly you can’t help but nod your head. Both live and sampled vocals are tastefully dashed into the mix, keeping the listen interesting from beginning to end.

Read more about the release and purchase a copy via Cascade Records bandcamp page, you can also stream the music on your favorite streaming service!

Good For

  • Smoke Sessions
  • Midnight Drives
  • Study Music

Favorite Track: A Pure Connection

Molinos, by Lisergishnu


Molinos is the newest album from Chilean Beat Producer Lisergishnu (see w/ ATSU), and boy is it a banger!

Inspired by his home city of Villa Alemana, the project is packed with different genres and styles stretched out over the 8 tracks, ranging from chillhop to hectic footwork. Regardless the genre, the beats are dense and interesting, with layers of lush synths and rhythmically interesting percussion. You can download the album via Elemental 97!

Favorite Track : AnTenas