Whatever it is, Whenever you feel like it, by Heart Eyes


Colorado label Community Radio Tapes presents us with this beautiful little oddity by Heart Eyes, Whatever it is, Whenever you feel like it is a 6 track tape of glazed bedroom ambience with plenty of emotion.

The tape is quite pleasant with some interesting ideas, though there is a lot of weirdness going on it always remains a comfortable weirdness. The kind that you know won’t harm you. However there is an anxiety to some of the tracks, a looming melancholy that sits really heavy! Do not panic however, it’s a very nice listen and ends on a high note.

You can download the album via bandcamp or purchase a cassette copy from the same page!

Good for

  • Study Sessions
  • Meditation
  • Late Night Chill

Favorite Track: I am crying, I can’t talk

Yacht Fire! by Marcus Eads

What a wonderful little project! This EP is 5 tracks recorded live to tape in April/May 2014. Marcus Eads is a musician and a songwriter, or more elegantly stated on his page, he is as “instrumental improvisationalist • bioacoustic field recordist • magnetic tape enthusiast • church youth director” , combining his interests and passions into fantastic works of sonic art.

“Yacht Fire!” is another in the series of brief EP’s put out by Marcus, several of these with a couple full-lengths have hit the web since late 2012, and the catalog continues to grow, both in size and style. This newest EP features a distinct new flavor throw into the usual crockpot of lo-fi americana noodling, a special spice perhaps! The instrumentation is more diverse than previous projects, including percussion tracks, sparse keys and vibes, as well as what I might guess is some sample sounds! Flavors of vapor and mallsoft inspiration drip from the tape on this one, slow and washed out grooves looping endlessly into a blissful oblivion….

As always, Marcus’s guitar improvisations prove to be a subtle highlight of the whole experience. It is simply easy to get lost in this playing, the nostalgic vibe in the tone and rhythms applied create a very delicious and addicting listening experience. I often find myself playing through these EP’s and albums two or three times, simply because it is so pleasing to the ears!

I must say, I am a fan of the traditional style usually applied to his releases, but Marcus managed to mix in the perfect amount of new ideas with tried and true foundation. It was great to hear things mixed up a bit, yet it seems like Marcus hasn’t missed a step. I look forward to more sonic exploration from this artist, as it is always a pleasure when it finds itself my way. Marcus Eads, Yacht Fire! A highly recommended listen!




Please enjoy this mix of tracks from the first half of April, 2014.


Eternity Tree is a multimedia project of Christopher Hoffmann Jacob, consisting of musical creation and curation, culture, design and art. SPREADING ROOTS began in 2013 as a blog featuring an endless list of musical recommendations, reviews, write-ups and visuals. In 2014, SPREADING ROOTS began a series of bi-monthly mixes featuring up and coming artists + producers. Good music makes the cut, genres are bent and re-defined, and wonderful energy gets a chance to present itself. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


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Le Motel – CRUNK
LIL 3LL (リル TRILL) – f i j i w a t e r f a l l
Bored Lord – Celebrity Sepuku (Bored Lord Nudemix)
Artie Desu – Sunbeat
Stimulator Jones – Tempt Me With Your Love
Mirror Kisses – Genius
young&natural – Fall Asleep
cyberlust – frequent calls
Sau Poler – Juun
memory cards – C h a m p a g n e F a n t a s y
BEEMO – bb i luv u
Spitz Lang – Espresso
SAVON – Bria’s Interlude
Y U M I – 由美 – ビサイド島
☁WitekProdukcje☁ – SVD GIRL
Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza – Deep Essences
Kodak Cameo – love how you
Defled – Sculpture
varsee – jungle

total run time – 1.14.52


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1843, by Marcus Eads

Good morning music lovers! I am lucky enough to be doing a little write-up for one of my favorite musicians of the past year or so; Marcus Eads is a improvisational guitarist and songwriter from Minnesota, and this is his first full-length album of 2014 titled “1843”.

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I Don’t Want To Go Insane, by Bad Kids To The Front

So right now I am listening to a phenomenal release which i’ve been enjoying for a couple weeks now, it’s the latest record from Kansas psych-rock outfit Bad Kids To The Front titled “I Don’t Want To Go Insane”. Now I am no stranger to BKTTF, as you can tell from my previous write-up of their 2013 concept album “Post Teen Drama”, and I do not hesitate to say this is a more mature and even more enjoyable record!

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Catch My Mind Before it Runs Away, by Ronald Reagan Sports Ensemble

Good morning goons! Lets unplug and enjoy some laid-back folk, hmm?! Currently gracing my ears is Ronald Reagan Sports Ensemble‘s (fantastic group name BTW) latest and possibly first EP Catching My Mind Before it Runs Away. Fronted by Samuel Myers, a singer/songwriting with his own catalogue of tunes, CMMBiRA weighs in at 3 tracks around 12 minutes long. Released November 26th, 2013.

I have to say how pleased I am to be listening to this right now; I must admit I find myself listening to much less straight-forward groups and quite experimental albums, it is a breath of fresh air to get some simple quality songwriting!

A delicious combination of vocals, which carry just enough grit to give it a good dustbowl feeling, along with chiming rhythmic guitars, all tied together with a nice mix of drums and bass. Listed as an outfit of just 2 members, they have done a fantastic job of creating the illusion of a full band on stage.

Though brief, this is a wonderful experience i’d recommend to any music lover. I’ve been sensing a slight folk revival unfolding in the wake of dubstep and the rise of artists like Mumford & Sons, and if RRSE is any example of what can be done with this format and formula, I am all ears for whatever else gets churned out!

Listen/purchase: Catching My Mind Before It Runs Away by Ronald Reagan Sports Ensemble