What is happening in my ears! Something so amazing and bizarre! Must be JÓNÓ MÍ LÓ !!!


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Compiled – Dublicator

One of my all-time favorite dub-techno producers; a lovely collection of remastered tracks and a highly recommended listen.

The Weather Clock – July Skies

Wonderful dream pop

dusk // dawn, by Spacedtime

dusk // dawn is the latest instrumental beat project from UK producer Spacedtime, a 10-track album released the 25th of July, 2014.


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D E E P S P A A C E, by Stefan Christov


So I have been enjoying this album for the past couple weeks, it has become a G0-To listen in the car for long mellow drives as well as kicking around the crib if I want something groovy yet unobtrusive! D E E P S P A C E by Stefan Christov is a psychedelic beat tape with a variety of influences, swirling together to create a lengthy and lovely album.

D E E P S P A C E is a beefy tape, 15 tracks full of ideas! Each one peppered in their own way with delicate melodies squeezed from synthesizers and keys guided along by lazy 808’s. Some songs sport more energy than others, anthemic trap beats soaring above the clouds, whereas other tracks leave us with nothing but ambient stargazing (always a good thing)! Its great to hear producers tackle both, its all to easy to hide behind beats, or simply create soundscapes, but to create both and twine them together is a great task indeed! Stefan Christov proves his abilities with this release, each track maintaining a sense of surreal beauty no matter what the rhythmic backing.

Theres also some lovely sampling on here and some interesting takes on beats, twisting trap and boom-bap around to a steady pulse. Though it is abstract and experimental, it is all easy on the ears! All this makes D E E P S P A C E the perfect summer road-trip album for those late nights coming home or early mornings chasing the sun. It’s got great spacey vibes and you can grab it via bandcamp now and name your own price! Upon writing this I have also discovered Stefan has released another album in the meantime, so I will be listening to that soon! Until then, enjoy D E E P S P A C E…..

First Light, by Inner Travels

Sitting back this evening and I am relaxing with this  latest release from Inner Travels titled First Light, released late March 2014.

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VIIV, by Hendiadys

Good morning music lovers of all shapes and sizes, today I have some noisy drone for you to enjoy! It’s the new short album from the duo Hendiadys titled VIIV.

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Gorilla Vista, by Onyx Kers Spel

This morning I am relaxing with my usual cup of coffee, and I just pressed play on this interesting new release from Onyx Kers Spel titled GORILLA VISTA, released March 27th 2014, it’s available physically/digitally via Not Working Musicassettes bandcamp.

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1843, by Marcus Eads

Good morning music lovers! I am lucky enough to be doing a little write-up for one of my favorite musicians of the past year or so; Marcus Eads is a improvisational guitarist and songwriter from Minnesota, and this is his first full-length album of 2014 titled “1843”.

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I Don’t Want To Go Insane, by Bad Kids To The Front

So right now I am listening to a phenomenal release which i’ve been enjoying for a couple weeks now, it’s the latest record from Kansas psych-rock outfit Bad Kids To The Front titled “I Don’t Want To Go Insane”. Now I am no stranger to BKTTF, as you can tell from my previous write-up of their 2013 concept album “Post Teen Drama”, and I do not hesitate to say this is a more mature and even more enjoyable record!

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