THIS IS A BAND, by Gould ’72

Fresh from Gould ’72 (a.k.a. All These Fingers) is this quaint 3-track project THIS IS A BAND. And oh yes, a band it is. True band jams. These tunes remind me of playing tunes in the garage with friends – flavors of pavement-esqe noodlings melded together with steady grooves. It’s an ultimately satisfying take on ATF’s typical sound which tends to be sample based with a healthy dose of synths and boom baps. The style translates surprisingly well to a “Band” format, with fuzzy guitars and chugging bass occupying the real estate that used to be owned by synths and pads. Even with ROCKMAN I LOVE YOU, being perhaps the most alt-rock sounding of the 3 tracks, with an infectious melody in the hook performed by 2 drunk Brian May clones – it’s pretty damn terrific and highly recommended!

Prince of Hearts, by Dirty Princes


Mash and dash! Throw on those joggers and storm out the door! Don’t have a destination? No problem! We rockin and rollin!

Prince of Hearts is a new 5-track tape from Toronto outfit Dirty Princes. Lots of pure energy packed in this one, makes you want to jump up and party in your room! It almost feels like a live album, the combination of raw sounds and powerful vocals put me right in the VFW hall front and center for the sweaty performance!

Ended up really digging this one after repeat listens, nuances really rubbing me the right way, reminding me of early 2000’s punk rock discoveries, Hopeless Records and the like. Give In and Go is such a jam, definitely my favorite track, followed closely by Love is Cynical. The 5 tracks zoom past pretty quickly, but that means it’s time to take it from the top!

You can snag the physical from Under the Counter Tapes or support the artist direct via their own bandcamp page.