Molinos, by Lisergishnu


Molinos is the newest album from Chilean Beat Producer Lisergishnu (see w/ ATSU), and boy is it a banger!

Inspired by his home city of Villa Alemana, the project is packed with different genres and styles stretched out over the 8 tracks, ranging from chillhop to hectic footwork. Regardless the genre, the beats are dense and interesting, with layers of lush synths and rhythmically interesting percussion. You can download the album via Elemental 97!

Favorite Track : AnTenas



Londons Dream Catalogue is responsible for yet another vaporwave masterpiece. This lengthy project from Vaperror is drenched in nostalgia and retro vibes. While this is a fairly traditional take on vaporwave, this is an incredibly listenable album, often times finding footing in addictive groves and melody structures. There is plenty of variety in the tracks as well, everything from future funk to plunderphonic noise-mash. The album is available to download at your chosen price, as well as a limited edition cassette tape for purchase!

Favorite Track: 5. GRUMP CLUB 


C50 yellow shell cassettes. Professionally recorded in real time on high quality Nakamichi tape decks. Comes in clear case with full colour cassette labels and double-sided full colour printed J-cards. Limited edition of 200.

If you enjoy, please consider paying to support.

released 23 July 2015

YamaGucci, by Toiret $ Egatus


Wasabi Tapes brings us this twisted trip, YamaGucci. A unique hybrid of juke rhythms and spontaneous noise-glitches. Not for the timid or meek, these 12 tracks meander chaotically between order and disorder.

Favorite track:  7. Like Okinawa! Sea Tsunoshim

Download: Goo.Gl/bR5wXE

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released 31 August 2015

Anti​-​Gravity Tea Ceremony, by kuxxan SUUM

Experimental and rowdy, give this new techno from kuxxan SUUM a listen…

Epitaph, by Nico Niquo

Awesome new sounds from Orange Milk Record’s Nico Niquo. This genre destroying release is a thing of beauty.