Return of the Ocelot, by Vimana Aircraft

Fresh and raw boom-bap beats from the mastermind behind DaP Station Records – we are blessed with a nice new beat tape by Vimana Aircraft. What we are blessed with is 8-tracks of lushly lo-fi improvisations that are simply overflowing with energy. Oversaturated and distorted percussion and synths blur into a fuzzy and deliciously thick style. Satisfyingly rough and gritty, what more do you want from a lo-fi beat tape!

Hardly VA’s first project of this nature – I encourage you to poke around the DaP Station bandcamp for the rest of his catalog as well as a slew of other awesome lo-fi producers. The label has been in operation, staying true and DIY for 10 years now, so show some support!

現象 Phenomenon, by lacon


Phenomenon is a delicious new vaporwave album brought to us by Kaiseki Digital Label. Produced by Lacon, Phenomenon is a masterpiece of chilled out, downtempo electronics. The album does a great job of taking sonic cues from science fiction and video games, with bold and interesting synth tones being utilized throughout the project. Sitting at a healthy 10-tracks in length, it’s a great long-player for both relaxing and grooving. Download the album now for only 5 bucks!

Omens guide me whilst I enter these gardens, hearing the ancient hymns from a slumbering dimension upon with pathways I traverse. The waves deepen around me, the winds begin to surround from metaphysical awakening, reaching worlds end eternally vagabond … whence the architect breathes.

released January 6, 2017

Proto Embryo EP, by Terrorball


I’ve been a longtime fan of New Zealand’s own TERRORBALL, his glorious dance masterpieces are always a soundtrack to the more energetic moments of my life! Last month he dropped this phenomenal little EP Proto Embryo, a 5-track FREE project. Much in TB tradition, the album consists of pulsing electronics carefully crafted on top of infectious rhythms. However this EP was a pleasant surprise, with tracks like Kaiser and Replay stepping outside of the 4 to the floor framework. This album left me wanting more, but lucky for us TERRORBALL has an extensive back catalogue to appreciate, just visit his bandcamp to check it out.

Favorite Track: 5. Manifest Density 



I have recently fallen in love with this album from FLOWERS, brought to us by Dark Pursuits of Washington D.C.

MEMORY LOOPS is a 12 track drone/ambient project with plenty of noise and personality. The compositions range from the subtle and relaxing to pure sonic shredding, and it all works wonderfully together. One after one, FLOWERS constructs unique atmospheres with his exploration of sound. Lo-Fi crackles accompany deep vibrant tones to create a delicious dichotomy that leaves me breathless and wanting for more. The project is available to stream and download via the labels bandcamp.

Favorite Track: 3. COLLISION II

Mirage, by The Always People


Some gorgeous washed-out melodies from The Always People, Mirage meanders through 6 tracks of fuzzy bliss.

Favorite Track: 3. Depreciation 

©The Always People.
All rights reserved.

released 26 June 2015

Impressions From A Ghost, by Ghost In A Sundress

Beautiful new album via Little L Records by Ghost In A Sundress. Recorded back in 2013, its a fantastic blend of floating ambience and pop.


Fantastic Vaporwave from NEW FIGURE VARIETY

(EP) by Seeami x Albino Deers

Split-tape by Seeami (New Zealand) + Albino Deers (Rome). Brought to us by Adhesive Sounds!

Sherburne County Instrumentals, by Marcus Eads

Made my coffee a little bit weak this morning by accident , so I am sitting back nice and easy, breezing to the sounds of Marcus Eads newest project, Sherburne County Instrumentals…


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Please enjoy this mix of tracks from the first half of August, 2014.

Eternity Tree is a multimedia project of Christopher Hoffmann Jacob, consisting of musical creation and curation, culture, design and art. SPREADING ROOTS began in 2013 as a blog featuring an endless list of musical recommendations, reviews, write-ups and visuals. In 2014, SPREADING ROOTS began a series of bi-monthly mixes featuring up and coming artists + producers. Good music makes the cut, genres are bent and re-defined, and wonderful energy gets a chance to present itself. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Be sure to stay in touch with ETERNITY•TREE for new mixes as well as plenty of other content.

Series Pictures by Nora G Photography