Different Worlds Compilation, by Drift Deeper Recordings.


Different Worlds is a new Various Artists compilation, put together and released by the UK’s Drift Deeper Recordings. Gathering an international roster of producers, Different Worlds does a magnificent job of highlighting the subtle differences in Deep-House style and interpretation from around the globe.

With a healthy 13 tracks, Different Worlds is a lovely long-player with a great energy. It has introduced me to a few deep-house producers I was unaware of, so I definitely encourage giving this one a listen! You can stream the whole thing via Bandcamp or purchase a digital copy from the label!

Man Vs. Sofa, by Sherwood & Pinch


Man Vs. Sofa is the latest collaborative project between two UK producers Sherwood & Pinch. The album is a fantastic mix of energetic techno, tasteful dubstep and all things inbetween! The duo creates incredibly satisfying tracks, flawlessly meshing their two styles into something both unique and enjoyable. Buzzing bass, throbbing kicks and splendid sample-work all make this album a must listen!

AMFH, by Liquid Delay


Brought to us by London’s Drift Deeper Recordings, AMFH is a 2-track project by producer Liquid Delay. This is a wonderful-if-brief project, with finesse and nearly effortless sounding deep tones, complimented by delicious sunny rhythms and textures. You can download the project now via the labels Bandcamp page and get both tracks for about a dollar!

London 220109, by Gareth Hardwick

Here is a deep and relaxing piece by Gareth Hardwick, originally released in 2010, brought back to us via Low Point

Troyka, by Troyka

Some fantastic forward-thinking music, for jazz and prog fans

Gorilla Vista, by Onyx Kers Spel

This morning I am relaxing with my usual cup of coffee, and I just pressed play on this interesting new release from Onyx Kers Spel titled GORILLA VISTA, released March 27th 2014, it’s available physically/digitally via Not Working Musicassettes bandcamp.

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