Grow Up, by kiwii


Nice new sounds from the family at DMT Tapes – Grow Up is an album by producer kiwii with big nostalgic lo-fi energy. Lots of sounds and samples reminiscent of N64 game OST’s much like the album artwork implies. I am not familiar enough with the music of the Zelda games to know if the music on this album is a direct re-interpretation or sampled direct, or simply inspired by, but either way it’s very satisfying and works perfectly as alternate music to any RPG you might be playing! Lots of delicious atmosphere and riffs here to latch onto, often times i found myself smiling at this wistful nature of the sounds, swirling innocently around me as I explore…

Played, by Palavas


Beautiful and mellow sounds pour from this one, Played by french Novelist and Musician Palavas, presented to us by Wormhole World. Lush and expansive while remaining intimate, Played is quite the unique journey. With structure being cast aside and a big focus on mood, it’s all propelled forward by Palavas‘ vocals – which he uses quite creatively and beautifully – often behaving more like an instrument itself than words being sung, and I adore it. I actually found it to be a more blissful and ambient C. Duncan, a favorite artist of mine from the past few years, it was a pleasant surprise!!

The album deals with themes of hope and healing, the melancholy of existence – Palavas seems to effortlessly convey the complex emotions of helplessness and solitude. The generous use of strings really helps solidify the intention, with a beautiful acoustic palette being utilized, you can easily imagine floating through the sky enjoying a small cup of coffee on the edge of a cloud, watching the world pass below…

The album is available digitally as well as a nice looking Compact Disc – both at an incredibly reasonable price considering the content – Played being 14 tracks of thoughtfully crafted songs, if you’re looking for a great soundtrack for your summer porch chilling, look no further!

Aviation Weather, by Boreal Network

Illuminated Paths brings us this epically chilled piece of new electronic goodness, Aviation Weather, by Boreal Network.

Favorite Track: 3. Cloud Map

Life Strategies, by Event Cloak

Abstract, Harmonic, Experimental, Progressive…..

Help Yourself EP, by Matthew Conley

Awesome downtempo beats from Matthew Conley (Brought to us by INC)