Unusual Starter 3 // DMT​-​076, by SOUTH:!:AST CO ‘ J~sr.


With DMT Tapes FL getting some well deserved buzz recently, I have decided to take to the archives and explore the backlog a bit. Simply poking around my bandcamp collection after picking up the discography has always resulted in some wonderful listens and gems worthy of visiting again… So I have decided to dedicate some listening time to the impressive back catalog!

I will begin documenting these highlights on the blog – starting with the best starter, the Unusual Starter 3! Released March 23rd, 2015 – Unusual Starter 3 is described on the Bandcamp Page with few details – Another for the EP project of Floridamphetamine, SOUTH:!:AST CO ‘ J~sr. gives a clue to the creator and an opportunity to explore deeper projects.

The 3 tracks are incredibly lush and fuzzy, saturated and bizarre metallic frequencies and washed-out synths paint a vivid atmosphere. The overall style is thickly psychedelic, like a true DMT trip at 10:30 AM. The weight of the release rests on the first track, with its ominous and cavernous melody dripping around you. Honey Syrup functions well as a sweeping interlude before a breezy and mysterious outro…

Aereo by S.a.x


Fresh from netlabel tapewurm.fm is this lush and soulful vaportape Aereo by S.a.x

Fantastic samples with a thick aesthetic and atmosphere, Aereo harnesses intoxicating riffs that leave you begging for more. It’s easy to imagine yourself soaring at a comfortable altitude, your swagger increased by the incredible amount of cocktails you’ve consumed. It’s a wonder the flight attendants haven’t cut you off yet, but that is the American Dream, isn’t it…..



BOGUS//Collective recently released this gem NOVAGREENHOUSE, a delicious long-form mallsoft ambient project with hints of vapor bliss. Over 20 minutes of sprawling sound, you can HEAR nature growing around you as time slows down. Healthy plunderphonics here with a plethora of subtle soundscapes being built around harmonious bird chirps and muzak playing through tiny distant speakers. It’s a lush and rich atmosphere that leaves me feeling totally immersed. I really REALLY hope this one sees a cassette release one way or another…

NAVI elite, by Δελφοί


Dropped at the end of last month via DMT Tapes – this debut full-length from Δελφοί brings some wonderful vibes to the table. Fuzzy and blissful vape concepts here, and some heady longforms at that! Generous treatment of the atmosphere makes this one really dense and robust. Some really nice grooves and melodies, with haunting mysterious voices guiding the tracks along… Great background listening, and rewarding when you pay attention!

Dimensional Shift, by Andrew Mouge


Dimensional Shift is a wonderful new long-playing project by Andrew Mouge (ex. Digital Image Plus LTD), released via Vivarium Recordings. Clocking nearly an hour in length, this album is powerful and vast, churning with themes of hope the future, big and thoughtful.

I got a particularly strong adventure vibe from some of the tracks, like Land of Blue Roses, making me feel like I am wandering some dreamlike landscape, attempting to solve inventory object puzzles!

The tracks bounce between post-vaporwave and lush ambient, touches of mallsoft and drone give the project some added depth as well. I often use the word satisfying to describe sounds that make me feel complete, or that help calm the turbulent atmosphere around me – and Dimensional Shift does all of that. Befitting of the name, I feel myself phasing in between dimensions, leaving my worries behind in some faraway place…

CONTEMPO, by Diskette Park


Seikomart Japan presents us with this lovely long player from Diskette Park, Contempo. 22 tracks of lush washed-out Vaporwave that rides the mallsoft vibe quite well – offering a great balance of melody and texture. The album is quite cohesive, after playing this one top to bottom a few times, it’s something wonderful to experience as a whole piece. There’s definitely some stand out hits, but it’s best to just sit back and get lost in it….


J☉ὗℜпҾƔEP by ♡u∫agi幻覚∀∁ⓛᙌ✬

Here is some weirdness for you fam! I won’t waste your time – enjoy the listen!

Galleria Reveries, by Adhesive Sounds


Adhesive Sounds brings us this fresh compilation cassette, Galleria Reveries, a dynamic collection of vaporwave and mallsoft tracks sure to put a smile on small children everywhere this holiday season! Packed with traditional ambient mallsoft tunes, which combine lush synths with field recordings and public sounds, Galleria Reveries is a deeply relaxing and profound release. Let your mind drift off as you listen to the 15 artists weave their sonic web together, or be mindful during your listen to tune-in on the dystopian capitalist/futurist scene painted by these tracks.

You can Download the compilation at your chosen price or purchase a Cassette Copy via the labels Bandcamp page.

Where are the shopping malls of tomorrow? Perhaps they hibernate in memory. But could we dream a plaza of the future? These tracks presented in ‘Galleria Reveries’ imagine a brave new world—built on the bones and dust of fallen empires.


Trans World Airlines

Golden Prism Tech.


Digital Voyager

ごめい p r e m i u m ESC

モール g h o s t

Cosmic Cycler

Sunrise Mall Fountain

Digital Sex


Leisure Centre

Manchac Networks

b o d y l i n e


released December 12, 2016

[지오 프론트]//[Geo Front] v3.1


The ever-lovely Cats Corp brings us another mix of mallsoft tunes as relaxing as any trip to your local shopping center. Usual culprits here of blissfully chambered sounds, tons of soulful solos and brilliant progressions. Enjoy this 6-track project now at the price you choose via the artists Bandcamp page.

Released November 29th, 2016

Digital Physical Adhesive Sounds Back 2 School Sampler 2016


Toronto’s Adhesive Sounds Label presents us with this back-to-school extravaganza of premium blissed out tunes. 13 beautiful tracks, available for download or on Compact Disc for a limited time. Perfect for a mellow trip to the mall to pick up those fresh new school clothes, perhaps stop at Orange Julius for a refreshment.