Asleep in the Creek 1-2, by Diamondstein

Asleep in the Creek is a brooding and intricate 2-track collaborative release featuring the sounds of Diamonstein together with the photos of Kait Fischer, brought to us by Doom Trip Records.

The tracks themselves capture the essence of the visuals perfectly – hovering in a melancholy ambience that is as thick as florescent haze caught on the twilight mist. Touches and tastes of hope and splendor drift throughout – creating a thoughtful and considerate atmosphere. The subtle progressions on which the songs are constructed lay a dreamlike foundation – which when combined with the visuals of Fischer’s Photography is only enhances and broadens the emotional applications, swirling the listener in nostalgia and wistfulness.

It’s quite a beautiful listen, with so much atmosphere condensed into 2 tracks you really have no excuse not to give it a spin!

Cold night, by TWIN COLUMNS

Nice new sounds from TWIN COLUMNS – lush and satisfying synthwave with a melancholic ambiance. Melodies and riffs for days, most of which would be at home on either a Vangelis album or perhaps Twin Peaks soundtrack. Majestic and thoughtful, with just the right splashes of nostalgia and quirk. Quite an enjoyable listen – perhaps if we’re lucky we will see a physical release for this one!

Already Happened, by Antendex

Floating, contemplative brooding, subtle melancholy, whatever you want to call it this new downtempo EP from Antendex is phenomenal and packed with emotion…

Shirt Roundup #1: Black & White

With this post, Eternity Tree will now be posting frequent product roundups to feature new artists. Each “Roundup” will be loosely based around a concept, such as a style or particular artist. Links are provided for those interested in supporting the artists, or just picking up some new threads!

For our first roundup we are keeping it nice and simple. Black and White graphics on a shirt can be both stunning and provocative. This collection of shirts presents an interesting assortment of textures and styles, though I personally think they all have a beautiful melancholy aesthetic to them. Do you agree? What other types of collections would you like to see featured? And as always, submissions are accepted and encouraged.

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Familiar Rooms EP, by Alaskan Tapes

City By Night brings us this incredible EP from Alaskan Tapes (FREE DOWNLOAD)