Flying in the Sky, by BROKEN KIDZ

Flying in the Sky is an experimental post-vaporwave album by BROKEN KIDZ (aka VDMR) presented by the good folks over at Engram Recordings.

The album is a beautiful swirl of psychedelic downtempo beats lathered in vaporwave inspiration. Thick with reverberation – Flying in the Sky takes the listener on a hazy, blissed-out journey – complete with in flight cocktails and complimentary entertainment!

Spanning 12 tracks, the album is a nice long listen with lots of creativity to get lost in. BROKEN KIDZ does a great job of meditating on each tracks nuances, allowing room for lots of riffs and concepts to breath. Tracks like Cross Faded are a magnificent shoegaze expedition in a gigantic geode encrusted cavern. The sound is a lovely balance between popular vaporwave tropes and experimental electronic influences, with flavors of harsh noise and grunge peeking through the layers. The droning vocals add a distinct touch to the style, injecting sensations of post-rock and drugged up punkers.

All in all it’s a nice release, definitely worth a listen or three. For fans of the more experimental side of vaporwave. You can listen and download now via Engram Recordings bandcamp page!

Beyond the Starbox [Deluxe Edition], by Jake Stevenson

Dreamy dissonance and celestial chimes from this stellar re-release by Jake Stevenson presented by Legendary Entertainment.

Beyond the Starbox is a intriguing and satisfying little album that captures fuzzy feelings of nostalgia with a healthy spoonful of existential dread. Lathered and rinsed in retro video game vibes, I often felt like I was exploring some polygonal landscape before clipping into a bizarre hidden zone. The comforting yet haunting aura of drifting pianos and hazy distorted synthesizers evokes some pretty potent emotions, packing a whole lot of emotion into the gently dissonant soundscapes.

The second half of the project is a full-album remix by Second Sight – offering yet another angle to view this bizarre world. Quite a unique concept which definitely adds to the charm and playability of this album.

The project is officially available on Cassette now as well as digital editions via Bandcamp.

At the End of the Rainbow There’s a Sunset Without Regrets, by Oh Woe

Quite a beautiful full-length project by Oh Woe, released by HoloJamz – drifting somewhere between alternative ambient and dream pop, At the End of the Rainbow There’s a Sunset Without Regrets is a masterpiece of melancholy beyond classification. I was hooked the moment I heard a washed out Debussy floating my direction over the airwaves – lots of plunderphonic goodness drenched in a thick haze of nostalgia. Feelings of soggy summer nights, you can almost smell it the atmosphere is so potent….