THIS IS A BAND, by Gould ’72

Fresh from Gould ’72 (a.k.a. All These Fingers) is this quaint 3-track project THIS IS A BAND. And oh yes, a band it is. True band jams. These tunes remind me of playing tunes in the garage with friends – flavors of pavement-esqe noodlings melded together with steady grooves. It’s an ultimately satisfying take on ATF’s typical sound which tends to be sample based with a healthy dose of synths and boom baps. The style translates surprisingly well to a “Band” format, with fuzzy guitars and chugging bass occupying the real estate that used to be owned by synths and pads. Even with ROCKMAN I LOVE YOU, being perhaps the most alt-rock sounding of the 3 tracks, with an infectious melody in the hook performed by 2 drunk Brian May clones – it’s pretty damn terrific and highly recommended!