Dawn of Claymation, by Zach Dolin

Beautiful and Adorable sounds incoming!

Dawn of Claymation is a new 6-Track synth project by Zach Dolin brought to us by Ingrown Records. Hovering somewhere between chiptune soundtrack of your childhood favorite video game and long-lost solo project of *insert 70’s Prog Rock Keyboardist name here* – and the result is quite satisfying! Utilizing the Roland SC-88 Pro, Zach taps into the tones of the late 90’s, manifesting a strange world of freeware monster sprites zooming around the listener. Combined with the suggestion of “Claymation”, it is not hard at all to imagine these songs bumping behind some earthworm-jim-esque PC platforming. It’s triumphant and wholesome, with just enough substance to entice listen after listen. Giving this one a massive recommendation – you can pick up the digital version of the album via Bandcamp.

Consider supporting Ingrown Records directly as well as Zach via his personal bandcamp page!

Cloud Diameter 2, by Cloud Diameter

Wonderful sounds brought to us by Submarine Broadcasting Company from Cloud Diameter. A lovely 8-track project that’s thoughtful and experimental – balancing flavors of modern classical and progressive ambient with a lot of electroacoustic vibes. This style falls in a happy place for me – often times I find myself oversaturated by dark-ambient, yet even at its brooding depths Cloud Diameter 2 manages to portray more of a *creepy* atmosphere than pure darkness. And though the overall atmosphere of the release is one of melodic relaxation, the amount of unique ideas packed into these 8 tracks makes it quite the interesting listen if you dig deeper….

Twilight Magnum, by Magenta Room

New from the family at Vivarium Recordings is a stellar new effort from Gareth Sloan (Halogen Star) via a new moniker Magenta Room. Lots going on in this record – holding steady to his past output, there are seriously infectious melodies and licks happening. There is also an overarching mellowness to the record – a sense of comfort and ease – making the album an almost meditative and healing experience.

Tracks like Northern Skies are simply lush beyond imagination – with big retro vibes harkening back to the best offerings from Windham Hill to touches of Eno and Emerald Web. Supremely satisfying and easy to listen to while also being rewarding to investigate deeper. If you find yourself digging it, definitely check out Gareth’s efforts under his Halogen Star moniker – a different shade of Magenta….

Melodyheart, by Xspance


Melodyheart by Xspance is a collection of soaring and majestic beats, brought to us by Section Records. The 12 tracks meander through chillout vibes and downtempo rhythms at a relaxing pace, utilizing galactic soundscapes as a backdrop to the whole show. As the title suggests, there is a good deal of emotion in each of the tracks, with beautiful synths hinting towards hope and melancholy. The album is available to download digitally via the labels Bandcamp page.

‘Melodyheart’ is the latest engaging sensory experience from the musical mind of Xspance, whose journey-esque structures and evolving arrangements lend a very visual, filmic element to his music, as each track becomes a scene in a play, slowly revealing a bigger picture. ‘Melodyheart’ is a perfect collection of chilled ambient tracks, each designed to melt into each other. It’s uplifting melody driven music that will warm your heart and touch your soul, hence the title of the album. Just close your eyes and dream…


released May 12, 2016

Written and produced by Myles Webb

Music For A Rainy Season, by Gus Till & Supercozi


Section Records brings us this wonderful new ambient album, full of unique instrumentation and long-form progression. Music for a Rainy Season combines relaxing and blissful atmospheres with both electronic and acoustic sounds. A fantastic listen for fans of Windham Hill Records, as the overall vibe seems very derivative of that era in new-age ambience.

Favorite Track: 2. Music For A Rainy Season

Section’s first ever ambient album release is an exquisite production by trance / chillout legends Gus Till and Supercozi. Effortlessly combining sublime etherial ambience with traditional western and southeast Asian instrumentation, this is a complete listening journey that oozes class and wellbeing, paradoxically finding comfort and warmth in its rain-soaked inspiration.
released 01 September 2015

Written and Produced by Gus and Cozi Till.
Artwork by Michael Morton @ Crime League.
Mastering by Ian Ion.

Life Strategies, by Event Cloak

Abstract, Harmonic, Experimental, Progressive…..

Third Voyage, by Thought Guild

Interesting and beautiful new-age ambience, originally released February 2012. For fans of Vangelis or any heavily electronic ambience.

Troyka, by Troyka

Some fantastic forward-thinking music, for jazz and prog fans