Rhythm of Love 愛のリズム, by from tokyo to honolulu


Delicious and relaxing new slushy vaportunes by from tokyo to honolulu – Rhythm of Love 愛のリズム is a 10-track project recently released via Seikomart Japan. The atmosphere is dense with emotion, as you dance with you dream date, together alone inside a revolving tower restaurant. It’s a beautiful little journey that you deserve to hear…



Fresh from the well-oiled machine that is DMT Tapes FL comes this luscious 4-track of slurpy hydration tunes. Seafoam by INDIGO / CORAL / SEAFOAM – part of a conceptual project, the first chapter of which you can find here – the release has big washed-out retro vibes and that heavenly DMT sonic distortion I love so much!

Lush and foamy, crushed and delicious – conjuring visions of the golden coast of candyland, with sandy sweets underneath your feet. Brief yet utterly satisfying, like a morning visit to the beach. Sea Spray (Not to be Confused With…) has got to be my favorite track, it’s like lathering on some luxurious glitter soap and having a relaxing soak….

Dark Bandwidth, by Diskette Park


Diskette Park returns with a premium collection of late-night slushwave Dark Bandwidth. This tight 8-track project is packed with super lush long playing tracks with proper grooves that don’t let you go! In typical Diskette Park style, the chopping and riffs featured are absolutely hypnotic and addicting, easily making this one a double playthrough candidate.

Diskette Park has recently dealt with a natural disaster of sorts and has seem some equipment fried! This is a great time to support the artist and throw some coffee money into that bandcamp pay-what-you-want box…