when they benefit [NWOB-1], by echochamber


echochambers latest release is part of the label New Worlds latest cassette-tape-box-set project dropping in a few days; when they benefit is an excellent long-player of stellar beats and melodies. Blurring the line between hip-hop beat mentality and vaporwave sonics, echochamber masterfully crafts these 20 tracks into something equally addicting and satisfying. I particularly enjoy his choice of synth tones and overall mixing, all with a subtle nostalgic sci-fi tone.

You can pick up the album digitally today for only a buck! Or you can wait until the 7th when this tape along with 4 others will be available in a limited edition box-set from the label.



Indigo / Expanse, by 36


I am a long-time fan of UK Ambient Producer 36, I am also a huge fan of melodic ambient, soft techno and anything in between. Therefore, 36’s latest release INDIGO/EXPANSE is absolutely perfect for me. As the artist mentions below in his blurb, the two tracks contained are a bit more uptempo than the rest of his discography, however I feel like it fits perfectly with the blissful melodic ambience of this particular release. Both tracks tackle dub-techno with finesse and character, evoking galactic visions of vast glowing space. And to top it all of, it’s a gift from the artist, you can pick up this project at your chosen price via Bandcamp!

“These tracks were recorded early 2016, immediately after I finished The Infinity Room. They were originally going to be pressed on a limited 12″ white label, but due to various reasons, I never got around to releasing it. Some of you may have heard them in my recent mixlr broadcasts. They’re a lot more uptempo than my usual tracks and because they’re stylistically quite different to what I usually go for, they never quite found a place elsewhere. I like them a lot though and rather than see them go to waste, I’ve decided to upload them here as a digital download, exclusive to my Bandcamp page. It’s a small thank-you to fans old and new, who have supported my music over the years. I’ve set it as pay what you want, but feel free to enter zero if you want to download it for free. Anything you do pay will go towards funding future vinyl releases. Thanks and I hope you enjoy them!” – 36


released November 28, 2016

All tracks written and produced by 36

Northern Shore, by Audub


ARCHIVES brings us a pleasantly deep project from French producer Audub. It’s wonderfully relaxed and bright, perfect summertime grooves. With three tracks plus a remix, this is a classy little release that deserves some attention.

Favorite Track: 2. Northern Shore (Part 2)

French artist Audub knows well how to mix spacious ambient lines with more usual dub sounds to capture a very special atmosphere, well represented on his first work for Archives. Including two parts of ‘Northern Shore’ and ‘The Reef’, also presented with a remix by Am.Light in an ambient-techno twist.
released 07 July 2015

Written and Produced by Jean Codaccioni.
Aditional Remix by Am.Light.
Mastering by Alexandre Lehmann (Zzzzra).

Archives / 2015

A Pulse Passes from Hand to Hand, by Jeremy Young & Aaron Martin

White Paddy Mountain brings us this long and relaxing sonic trip, pure meditative brilliance…

Stillpoint, by Purl

Pure ambient bliss, excellent music to relax to…

Favorite Track: 4. Melora

The Long Bright Dark, by Polaroid Notes

Beautiful new cinematic ambience by Polaroid Notes. Read more about the release on the bandcamp page…

Only Forever, by [PHYSICS]

I cannot recommend this one enough, fantastic album right here, brought to us by Oaklands Constellation Tatsu

Impressions From A Ghost, by Ghost In A Sundress

Beautiful new album via Little L Records by Ghost In A Sundress. Recorded back in 2013, its a fantastic blend of floating ambience and pop.


Fantastic Vaporwave from NEW FIGURE VARIETY

Pulse Dive, by 36

Really enjoying this fresh ambient release this morning! PULSE DIVE by 36…

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