I have recently fallen in love with this album from FLOWERS, brought to us by Dark Pursuits of Washington D.C.

MEMORY LOOPS is a 12 track drone/ambient project with plenty of noise and personality. The compositions range from the subtle and relaxing to pure sonic shredding, and it all works wonderfully together. One after one, FLOWERS constructs unique atmospheres with his exploration of sound. Lo-Fi crackles accompany deep vibrant tones to create a delicious dichotomy that leaves me breathless and wanting for more. The project is available to stream and download via the labels bandcamp.

Favorite Track: 3. COLLISION II

Cavade Morlem, by Olan Mill


DRONARIVM brings us this deep ambient masterpiece. Calming, soothing, this is a fantastic choice for a relaxing afternoon with a cup of coffee…

Favorite Track: 8. Somimes 

“Writing and recording ‘Cavade Morlem’ was one of the smoothest experiences I’ve had producing an album. The tracks were originally created to be played at a handful of concerts throughout the end of last year. The shows were performed using processed guitar, violin and some pre-recorded samples of voice and organ. I was joined by Mike Jessop on violin for many of the songs and his contributions are sampled at various points on the record.

I spent the beginning of the year reworking recordings from the live sets and trying to piece together something coherent. The resulting album is a far calmer experience than the original performances and I hope listeners find a state of mindfulness while experiencing the work”.

– Alex Smalley

released 13 July 2015

Mastered by Porya Hatami
Cover art by Lena Lello
Curated by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq)

Cosmos, by SoulSonic


SoulSonic has created for us a pure beautiful hybrid album of dub techno ambience. Each track has a unique flavor ranging from chilled out drum-driven grooves to longform sonic swells. A pleasure from start to finish, I cannot recommend this record enough…

released 30 June 2015

Death Dances, by FLOWERS


Dark Pursuits (Washington D.C.) presents us with this great work of dark-ambience, Death Dances. Harsh, obtuse and experimental as hell, this one is a ride from beginning to finish that is sure to leave you coming back for more.

Favorite Track: 5. Laury

released 09 June 2015

Museum, by Shima33


Vush, by Vuptes & Broshuda


Phinery brings us some truly twisted ambience, sounds and textures soaring left and right, this new split tape from Vuptes & Broshuda

Favorite Track: 5. Lichttunnel

Vush is the result of a shared interest in organic sound exploration/design and subaquatic atmospheres steeped in electroacoustic research and ambient techniques.

birthed from various sessions of sharing and processing synth sequences and field recordings over tea and cigarettes, the album vividly tells the tale of vuptes & broshuda exploring prehistoric lands and encountering various peculiar flora & fauna while on the search for the lost fawn.

the chirping of hidden critters, glassy fanfares and drippy percussion, crossing through the illuminated tunnels, swimming in the hidden lake and meeting the mysterious ghostfriend, these are the delightful sounds of “vush”, please enjoy.

released 22 June 2015

All art and sounds by




Circling A Broken Depth / Mirrored Underneath, by Lost Trail / Linden Pomeroy

Little L Records brings us this new split offering from North Carolinas Lost Trail duo and UK producer Linden Pomeroy. It’s haunting and hypnotic, with deep ideas to get lost in. This impressive tape is available as a free download or as a physical cassette tape.

Favorite Track: 6. Downed Seagull Struggles to Sing (Lost Trail)

s​/​t, by Painted Faces

Raw, cavernous sounds brought to us by Lava Church.

Favorite Track: 10. American Basement

Archive Vol​.​3, by Various Artists

Lovely collection of dub gems

Favorite Track: 6. Ocralab – Lacunosus

Eluvian II by, Coppice Halifax

Deep, dank and dark sounds from Coppice Halifax