Interstellar, by Lars Leonhard


One of my favorite Dub-Techno Producers Lars Leonhard has dropped a new project titled “Interstellar”. Not to be confused with the Hollywood blockbuster from a few years back, this “Interstellar” is deep, dark and delicious. 10 tracks of brilliantly sculpted techno tunes floating at a comfortable 120 bmp. I have always been impressed with Lars’ ability to blend darkness and melody to create unique atmospheres, and this album is no exception!

You can download the album via Bandcamp. You can also get nearly 20 of Lars’ albums bundled together at an insane discount, definitely something worth looking into if you find yourself enjoying this release.

Whatever You Want On The Dry Way, by Bodyverse


Fresh from Berlins rhos! records is Whatever You Want On The Dry Way, by ambient composer Bodyverse. 20 tracks of truly captivating, freeform ambience.

#cat: ROHS!023CD

In the name of love
nothing can stop you,
if the purpose is your freedom
and the freedom of your land.

First full length electronic ambient album by the Venetian Berlin based-artist, multi-instrumentalist singer and electroacoustic music composer Bodyverse.

Inspired by the natural process of sounds and electricity, this album it’s a contrast between analog & modular modeling sounds, voice and classic instruments.

released April 27, 2017

W&P and mixed by Bodyverse
Artwork by Andy B
Mastered by Daniel Nicoluzzi
Copyright © 2017 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved

Download now or grab a CD copy via Bandcamp.

when they benefit [NWOB-1], by echochamber


echochambers latest release is part of the label New Worlds latest cassette-tape-box-set project dropping in a few days; when they benefit is an excellent long-player of stellar beats and melodies. Blurring the line between hip-hop beat mentality and vaporwave sonics, echochamber masterfully crafts these 20 tracks into something equally addicting and satisfying. I particularly enjoy his choice of synth tones and overall mixing, all with a subtle nostalgic sci-fi tone.

You can pick up the album digitally today for only a buck! Or you can wait until the 7th when this tape along with 4 others will be available in a limited edition box-set from the label.


A Pulse Passes from Hand to Hand, by Jeremy Young & Aaron Martin

White Paddy Mountain brings us this long and relaxing sonic trip, pure meditative brilliance…

Pillow Roundup #1:Relaxation

For this Roundup we are going to take a look at some sweet new art that can live on your couch. Only real criteria is relaxation (fitting for pillows!), but we will try to stay away from the obvious and find some more subtle beauty. Check out some of these talented artists and their use of this interesting canvas…


Zingara – by Jacqueline Maldonado


Delphini – by Nireth


Ancient Calaabachti Filigrane – by Obvious Warrior


Esme – by CharlotteWinter


Fresh Fruit – by Elisabeth Fredriksson 


Leporis – by Nireth 


Colorflash 8 – by Mareike Böhmer Graphics


Irregular Sequence – by ViviGonzalezArt


Triangulation 2 – by Alice Gosling 


Double Vision – by Jane Smith 

Spacedtime on the Beat (Vol. 2), by Spacedtime

Big collection from one of my favorite producers Spacedtime. Over 20 tracks of recent productions featuring tons of great emcees.

Del01229, by L-Rai

Here’s a small but very interesting project from L-Rai, brought to us by Fwonk

Towards the top right hand corner of the cover lays a bright yellow star larger than ours. Around that star orbits 14 planets that, like in our own system, vary considerably. Many of these planets surfaces are unreachable, and may or may not contain life. However, one, just like Earth, is situated perfectly in a Goldilocks Zone. Therefore, a craft was able to approach and descend upon the planet and pick up recordings, images, and samples for further research.

Here is a small glimpse of the mysterious, unnamed planet coded as Del01229.

The Life and Death of Aurora Tides, by Meta Mora

Deep and brooding ambience from Bostonian producer Meta Mora

“Lawd Forgive Me” by MCFERRDOG

Simply amazing release, if you respect your ears and your brain you shall listen….

Magnitude, by Faidel and Warmth

Greetings music lovers!!!

First of all, apologies for the absence, had to take a little while off listening to so much new music every day. But now back to our regularly scheduled programming. This morning I am enjoying some deep-house vibes from Etoka Records, MAGNITUDE by two awesome producers, Faidel and Warmth.


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