Presentism, by Jeroen Search


Spain’s Warm Up Recordings presents us with a nice dark EP of throbbing techno from Jeroen Search.

Presentism is an intense study of acid techno, with 4 tracks of unrelenting electronics. Pulsing with underground energy, Jeroen seamlessly blends deep ambience with the club atmosphere, forging a unique and dank sound that begs for repeated listens.

You can purchase both a digital version as well as a copy on wax (while available, only 2 left at the time of this posting) via the labels bandcamp page.

Sanguine, by aspect.


ARCHIVES has another pleasant release for us in the forms of Sanguine by aspect. This small release packs a great feeling into its 4 tracks (3 versions of the track Hk, as well as the title track, Sanguine). This is one solid EP, currently available via Bandcamp.

Favorite Track: 3. Hk. (Dub)

Our long time favorite artist, Sage Taylor, debuts on Archives with a full EP under his latest project ‘aspect.’. You should know him for being the man behind some of the greatest dub techno and ambient releases of the last years as Textural Being or Parallelism. ‘Sanguine’ expands his color palette with a joyful atmosphere filled with lush chord lines and includes also three different versions of the addictive Hk.
released August 4, 2015

Written and Produced by Sage Taylor.
Mastering by Alexandre Lehmann (Zzzzra).

Archives / 2015

Rising Dark EP, by TwichGarden


Rising Dark is the latest release from TwichGarden and Kopoc Label of Spain. Both deep and energetic, Rising Dark EP is a great dub project that experiments with all sorts of rhythms and tempos. Each track carries a unique sense of urgency, whether its the off-kilter percussion or the constant sub-bass, making the whole EP shrouded in a mysterious energy. I pretty much enjoyed each track as much as the next, though I feel like the latter half is the strongest in terms of ideas and execution. The final track, which is also the title track of the EP, is a wonderfully deep dub-techno cut which is equally unique and traditional. This one is highly recommended, and as always is available to download via Bandcamp!

Favorite Track: 4. Unleashed

Rising Dark EP
Kopoc Label
released 04 October 2015

W&P by Andrew Panfutov
Mastered by Vtr
Cover by Raúl G.

Exposure, by Alex Humann


Archives brings us another stunning project from producer Alex Humann. He generously layers these three deep cuts with some seriously gorgeous sounds. Melodic, relaxing and round, the tone of the whole project is one of positivity and tranquility. Warmth jumps on board to provide track 4, a remix of track three, which really rounds out the whole project. You can listen or download via Bandcamp.

Favorite Track: 2. Interlude I

Alex Humann debuts on Archives with ‘Exposure’, where expands his own aesthetic through warm and organic sounds and subtle texture layers and field recordings. Three atmospheric and lush cuts with Alex very own approach to the dub
released 24 September 2015

Written and Produced by Alex Humann.
Aditional Remix by Warmth.
Mastering by Zzzzra.

Archives / 2015

Northern Shore, by Audub


ARCHIVES brings us a pleasantly deep project from French producer Audub. It’s wonderfully relaxed and bright, perfect summertime grooves. With three tracks plus a remix, this is a classy little release that deserves some attention.

Favorite Track: 2. Northern Shore (Part 2)

French artist Audub knows well how to mix spacious ambient lines with more usual dub sounds to capture a very special atmosphere, well represented on his first work for Archives. Including two parts of ‘Northern Shore’ and ‘The Reef’, also presented with a remix by Am.Light in an ambient-techno twist.
released 07 July 2015

Written and Produced by Jean Codaccioni.
Aditional Remix by Am.Light.
Mastering by Alexandre Lehmann (Zzzzra).

Archives / 2015

Pleiades, by Dave Marian


ARCHIVES presents us with a very laid-back collection of tracks from Dave Marian. Subtle and relaxing, you will most likely find yourself putting this little album on repeat.

Favorite Track: 4. Taygeta

Using the famous Pleiades as inspiration, Dave Marian takes us into a great jouney, presenting a broad spectrum of deep and dub sounds through four original cuts full of subtle chords with endless delays and intriguing pad sounds. Main track ‘Maia’ is also presented with a remix by swiss artist Alessandro Crimi.
released 22 June 2015

Written and Produced by Dave Marian.
Aditional Remix by Alessandro Crimi.
Mastering by Alexandre Lehmann (Zzzzra).

Archives / 2015

Forest EP, by Ignacio Tardieu

Some very dark and classy dub-techno from Ignacio Tardieu. Brought to us by Spain’s Kopoc Label.