Surrender EP, by Alexia Avina


Surrender is the latest EP from Québec bedroom artist Alexia Avina. Much like her previous work, this project is glittering with mellow brilliance. Achieving a vibe somewhere between melancholy and hopefulness, its quite a satisfying listen. You can grab the EP at your chosen price via Bandcamp.

And if that wasn’t enough, thanks to Moon Boy Records, you can purchase the project on a split Cassette, featuring a bonus B-side EP from Desert Bloom.

the last months of 2016 for me were a period marked by the practice of surrendering with equal reverence to a complex flood of emotions, difficult endings, and budding beginnings… i’d like to think this batch of songs emerged from that same stream.

available as a * very cute* split cassette with desert bloom at:

music video by miriam brellenthin:

released April 12, 2017

written, recorded, and produced in my bedroom in separate spontaneous bursts on my rc-50.
special thanks to nick scho, tibo, mikael tobias and eric seguin for the ableton tips and tricks.

Vush, by Vuptes & Broshuda


Phinery brings us some truly twisted ambience, sounds and textures soaring left and right, this new split tape from Vuptes & Broshuda

Favorite Track: 5. Lichttunnel

Vush is the result of a shared interest in organic sound exploration/design and subaquatic atmospheres steeped in electroacoustic research and ambient techniques.

birthed from various sessions of sharing and processing synth sequences and field recordings over tea and cigarettes, the album vividly tells the tale of vuptes & broshuda exploring prehistoric lands and encountering various peculiar flora & fauna while on the search for the lost fawn.

the chirping of hidden critters, glassy fanfares and drippy percussion, crossing through the illuminated tunnels, swimming in the hidden lake and meeting the mysterious ghostfriend, these are the delightful sounds of “vush”, please enjoy.

released 22 June 2015

All art and sounds by