Guitar Samples, by DR00


Torontos Legendary Entertainment bring us an interesting new project from producer DR00 – Guitar Samples. An experimental 9 track tape that is, according to the creator, made entirely of guitar samples, sans a few bits of percussion on a track or two. The result is a very organic and interesting listen. The vibe is solid whether the track is pulsing with rhythms like the remixed Oak, or simply blissing out over the possibilities of sonic manipulation on tracks such as Beyond Recognition.

You can grab a CD of the project from Legendary Entertainment, there is also a Cassette release available via Æescape Sounds, but either way you will be doing yourself a favor picking this up!

So Divine!, by skyline divine


So Divine! is a new vaporwave album by producer Skyline Divine, released April 9th by Adhesive Sounds. The project is light-hearted and drenched in sunny California-Retro vibes. Loosely a concept album built around an awkward teens first love experience, it’s easy to close your eyes and imagine these tracks playing out as the soundtrack to this heartwarming story.

A lonely teen is thrown into an expensive, neon pink covered world they call San Fernando Valley. It didn’t matter how much time she spent on her hair and make-up, she couldn’t find love… until today. She finally feels like she’s ‘all that… and a bag of chips!’ She couldn’t believe it! The hottest guy in the Valley noticed her and invited her to his private yacht party!


The Album is available to download via Adhesive Sounds bandcamp at the price of your choice.

Rebuilding by Citrus Glaze

Adhesive Sounds brings us a lovely little tape from Citrus Glaze, filled with rhythmic goodies and melodic feelings.

Split by Underwater Escape From the Black Hole / The Petrified Heart Of An Air Whale

Brand new tape of experimental goodness from the Adhesive Sounds team

(EP) by Seeami x Albino Deers

Split-tape by Seeami (New Zealand) + Albino Deers (Rome). Brought to us by Adhesive Sounds!

夕方の犬 (dog in the evening), by low temperature room

Deliciousness from Torontos Adhesive Sounds