The Lost Tapes, by Rei Low

Fresh and fascinating sounds from Rei Low, brought to us by the Holojamz crew – seemingly a collection of what might be considered *B-Sides* (please correct me if I am wrong). Rei explores many different styles and genres on this release which is to be expected from such a release – however the variety lends perfectly to the chaotic raw style presented, with the tracklist jumping around to showcase influences of hip-hop and jungle with a touch of vaportrap. If these were indeed “Lost Tapes”, b-sides or tracks that didn’t make other albums – regardless, I am glad Rei Low decided to package them up and release them for us, as it’s a very nice collection of sounds and worth listen.

New Life, by ASVMR

๐‘ต๐’†๐’˜ ๐‘ณ๐’Š๐’‡๐’† ยฎ is a new full-length and collaborative project by โ‚ณยงแ—MR and friends, currently released via Vivarium Recordings with a physical version on the horizon. Featuring some top-notch collaborators like maggie.wav, V//Tomo, Soulโ–ฒCraft and many more – somehow this manages to be one of โ‚ณยงแ—MR’s most focused and comprehensive projects to date. Never shying away from a unique concept to package sounds within – โ‚ณยงแ—MR’s ๐‘ต๐’†๐’˜ ๐‘ณ๐’Š๐’‡๐’† ยฎ is a full blown course in sonic self-actualization. Drawing a lot of influence from Dystopian Cyberpunk style while utilizing very abstract and creative interpretations of Vapor Trap and Alternative Ambient – at times pushing towards surreal Dreampunk and lush Synthwave. It’s a diverse and rich listening experience from top to bottom, and definitely one of my favorite releases by โ‚ณยงแ—MR to date….

Download and Stream the album now – and keep an eye out for a physical release on September 18th via Pacific Plaza Records.

Off the Goop! by Sloe

Off the Goop! is a full length album by producer Sloe – conceptual, experimental, and quite satisfying. Rooted in a fictional universe with strange creatures and mysterious purple goo, the project has quite the unique flavor beyond the artwork and concept. The sounds themselves are a splendid hybrid of wonky future beats, vaportrap and experimental electronics. Massively satisfying in so many ways from the slapping beats to the hazy melodies. Be sure to pick this one up on Bandcamp and support the artist – with the BC version featuring 3 bonus tracks, you’d be crazy NOT to!


Fresh from the Seikomart gang is SOUND SYSTEM 9 by MISE – a self proclaimed Vaportrap album with heavy flavors of video game soundtracks. Melodic riffs are as enticing as the huge 808 drums, tuned kicks flying around with a flurry of hi-hats. There’s nice variety on the album too, not sticking to traditional *trap* patterns for every track – instead opting to hop around the vaporspace while also taking cues from chiptune realms and deep house.

The overall style manages to remain playful and lighthearted even when the biggest percussion is slapping – juxtaposed with joyful synths plucking around the atmosphere. Tracks can get quite wonky at times, with detuned bass occasionally clashing with melodies and harmonies, however it all really adds to the charm – taking on a whole new destroyed club partyboi vibe that I personally really dig. FASTBOOT is a great example of this style. Very excited to hear more from this producer…